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The Specification Types

The Platinum Choice

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The Platinum Choice

Download our free Specification catalogue!

Our Choice of Specification

Founded on the belief that operating around good values will lead to our company’s success; we aim to give our clients the utmost satisfaction in the property they purchase from ourselves. We deliver a range of homes and apartments of both pristine quality and excellent reliability.

We aim to deliver a specification which meets our client’s needs; delivering a home of both quality and reliability.

The specifications we have created separate us from the competition. Working tirelessly with world class architects and interior designers has allowed us to produce two distinguished specifications. Both allowing us to consistently portray the quality of accommodation we believe deserved for every one of our clients.

Built to last

Providing properties that meet the needs of all our clients requires us to stay ahead of the trend. Researching the latest technologies coupled with working with leading suppliers allows us to gain insight on future demands. We tweak and tailor our specifications where we see fit, allowing each property to be delivered to surpass our client’s expectations.

As a nationwide developer, we quickly identified a dissatisfaction from homeowners purchasing newly build property. Believing there should be no compromise between the quality of your new home and the location you wish to live in, we produced specifications that give homeowners have a blank canvas that can be enjoyed from day one, which they can also adapt to their unique tastes and styles.

See the Queensbridge Difference

Having set out to transform the standards that homeowners accept in their new homes. We showcase the Queensbridge Homes difference. Scroll over the below image to see how our Platinum Specification matches up against an average specification that other developers include as standard. See for yourself the aesthetic materials and premium features included within our properties.

The Gold Specification

There should be no compromise on the quality of your new home. Our Gold specification was designed to exceed the expectations of our clients. Understanding that there was dissatisfaction with what other new home builders were offering, we knew we had to change what home buyers settled for. Through a combination of our established relationships with suppliers, paired with the scale to which we build, the economies of scale we utilise allow us to access materials and premium features that our competitors would not be able to offer. The Gold specification raises the bar for interior specifications.

The Smart Home Specification

We are excited to be working alongside some of the industry leading smart home technology companies. Looking to continue delivering innovative properties; their technology will allow us to provide our clients with homes that are even more energy efficient, autonomous, and offer the ability to be can be controlled by a smart device.

The Platinum Specification

Set out to provide our clients with contemporary class and quality throughout their new homes. The Platinum specification contains an array of conveniences to complement the new property. Integration throughout the property allows for storage solutions which keeps the clutter out of site and the home looking clean and opulent. The modern design coupled with the careful use of natural light brings the platinum specification to life. Providing a home that can be enjoyed from day one, whilst still having endless ways to add personal touches; the Platinum specification is exceptional.

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