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Building the Future

We work around our client’s goals to make them a reality. Queensbridge Homes deliver a smooth purchasing process, coupled with a home that will delight the future homeowner. Our understanding of the property market and our expertise in developing quality and reliable homes make Queensbridge Homes the developer for you.

Understanding the importance of location, specification and the customer experience; from the initial enquiry through to the aftercare, we focus on what matters to every buyer. Our developments are the amalgamation of the years of dedication, hard work and commitment to our clients. We build and deliver homes that will last. They deliver a high-quality living setting for current and future generations.

We build suitable properties for area

We use a combination of our in-depth experience of the property market along with our scrupulous analysis of the whole of the market and local markets. We are able to deliver properties to various areas that accommodate a variety of budgets, specifications, and property types.

Through our unique process we are able to present exceptional opportunities to our clients; regardless if they are searching for their forever home or if they are trying to get their foot on the property ladder. Being able to identify locations on the brink of growth allows for all residents to be at the forefront of emerging job markets, travel upgrades and various other up-and-coming opportunities. We aim to deliver beautiful space's to relax in when you aren't enjoying their local area.

A network that serves you

The opportunities which we present to our home owners are delivered swiftly because of the network of professionals surrounding us. Our nationwide approach has allowed us to establish a vast amount of business relationships; ranging from the management companies who assist with keeping our developments looking new, to the local agents that help us with re-selling properties and finding new land to buy.

Marinating relationships with companies and individuals has benefited Queensbridge Homes and our clientele tremendously. This wouldn’t be possible, had we not worked with those who meet our own rigorous standards. It ensures every development we deliver aligns with our company objectives. Therefore, we consistently offer properties that are built to rigorous standards and will benefit the local area as it grows and develops.

Building for the location

We believe that identifying optimal locations for our developments is a key factor in their successes. Using our internally developed framework we are confident in the development location choices we make. Factoring in a wide variety of indicating characteristics we give our clientele the assurances that we operate with their best interests in our decision-making process.

Our passed developments successes’ prove our ability to identify areas which are primed for developments.

Deciphering where a scheme will be best situated and then built requires both an in-depth understanding of the property market, and a full understanding of the local area’s trends. Reviewing the area from an outsider’s perspective allows us to make non-biased judgements. Allowing our clients to receive the best properties which we can offer. Paired with the insights and local knowledge from our network of both investors and companies who operate in specific areas, this allows us to present developments to our clients as soon as they come to fruition.

Building communities for future generations

We design each of our residences to build harmonious communities that will be self-sustaining for generations to come. Intended to benefit the wider area as well as give every resident the highest quality of life; knowing the importance that our developments play in the areas they are built, we always strive for perfection in every aspect.

Scrutinising the locations that we build by following our rigorous processes to source perfect positions for every one of our developments; we make sure they are surrounded by a multitude of amenities as well as excellent educational facilities along with transport links that will grant passage to major locations.

Shareholder Retention

As a developer operating across the country to such a vast scale, we want to provide the reassurance that is needed when making such a major purchase. Both staff and shareholders of Queensbridge Homes retain properties from the developments we build to add to their personal portfolios.

Being a part of the process, they have full oversight of the process; from acquisition to completion, they are able to see first-hand the level of detail and care we take for each and every development we build. We believe a personal stake in each development creates mutually beneficial results for both parties.

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