The world’s changing fast… and so are we.

At Queensbridge Homes we continuously review the materials we use, our product line, internal and external specifications as well as the areas we build within. This ensures we are not just keeping up with demand but setting a benchmark. We appreciate that a new home may be one of the biggest moves in your life and we strive to future proof it.

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About Queensbridge Homes

We are an award-winning, London based developer who seeks to consistently raise the bar with the quality of new homes we provide across the UK. Each of the properties we build are done so in line with stringent building regulations, meaning they are built to standard, energy efficient and well insulated. Our skilled design team ensures that every house and every apartment built is done so with you in mind, to provide practical, high specification homes. We aim to produce properties that future generations will want to live in due to the quality, reliability and energy efficiency we create.

Our teams’ years of expertise within the property market, on both a personal and professional level allows us to provide a clear and friendly service to anyone hoping to make their move on the property ladder.

We truly believe if you work harder than others and are sincere in your approach, the world can be your playground."

The Team at Queensbridge Homes

Queensbridge Homes

Backed by HM Government

We aim to deliver an easier route on to the property ladder; priding ourselves on that extra bit of attention that home owners look for, as well as incorporating applicable government backed incentive schemes to our selected developments. The “Help to Buy” scheme offers an equity loan to allow for a 5% deposit on some of our new build properties.

Our Mission

To maintain a well-trained and results driven team, focused on helping others and to embrace the Company’s core value of achieving more. For the Shareholders, Directors, Employees and Investors to continue investing in the Company’s future and to profit well enough to generously donate to charity and good causes. Together, we will build a better world.

Legacy & Values

Aiming to be recognised as a leading asset acquisition, development and management brand. We wish to deliver reliable and quality homes whilst providing the perfect customer experience from a team that is both passionate, receptive to change, and who deliver on integral results. To prove that success is a by-product of good values.

Our Properties

As a national developer, we have an extensive skill set, which allows us to deliver more than just luxurious homes. We have learnt to give back to the local areas we build, this is through both the standard of developments we build, along with varying contributions to the surrounding area. Understanding the areas is a crucial factor in where we build; it allows us to tailor the properties to meet local demands and the requirements of our clients. We do this to ensure so both parties get the best outcome.

Each development we build bears the badge of excellence. Our two specifications allow us to do just this with every project we undertake. Both our Gold and Platinum specifications have been developed internally and since been highly acclaimed. Recognised for their prestigious quality, they allow us to deliver a lifestyle we wish to portray in each property. This specification allows us to build properties that are desired by homeowners up and down the country.

More than just Property

Founded on the belief that we will make a real difference in the world, we continue to positivity impact the country through our developments. We focus on giving back to the areas which we build; not just through the delivery of quality and reliable homes but also contributing to the local community, NHS, schools, transport infrastructure and (as featured on our Beckett Hamlett development) brand new play parks. Having grown from humble beginnings, we have surpassed what our cynics thought achievable. Moving from refurbishing single auction properties to now delivering award-winning £multi-million developments up and down the country.

Selling Land

Comprised of experts who specialise in land consultation; our land team has been tailored to meeting your every land needs. We provide experience and guidance throughout the process of maximising the potential of your land. Low exposure levels paired with the consideration for all land, irrespective of the current planning status puts Queensbridge first compared to conventional estate agents.

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